Hey there, my name is John Novak and this is my personal blog where I keep a diary of my various misadventures that roughly fall into the "recreational programming" category. If you really need to further satisfy your curiosity about my person, try this post (or snoop around here).

Apart from coding, I also like to write music, mess around with 3D art, and do photography. I'm on LinkedIn and GitHub, and I have a homepage too with links to all the stuff I do and I'm interested in.

If you feel the need to contact me, drop me a message at contact@johnnovak.net.

To make lawyers happy and your (the reader's) life easier, all original information and code snippets on this blog are released under the WTFPL license. Which means you can just do what the fuck you want to with anything published on this blog! Life doesn't get easier than that, huh?

...and now, the credits!

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